How To Prepare For Your Holiday Mini Session

We are so excited to be offering our holiday mini sessions this year and we can't wait to work with you and your family! 

Below we list a few preparation tips for a beautiful and fun mini session : ) 


Where Do We Meet? 
This year our mini sessions will take place at the beautiful Jeffrey Open Spaces trail in Irvine Ca. 
The address is 27 Shepard, Irvine Ca -92620. This address will take you to a residential area that is across from the part of the trail where we will be shooting. Simply park along the street called "Grassland" and we will meet you right out in front. 

*Please arrive 10 minutes early so you have time to get everyone out of the car, dolled up, and ready to go. Please stay in the parking area until we come and get you. There are a lot of interesting things at this venue to check out, and we need to make sure we don’t lose you! When you arrive, send us a text at: 714-916-4252, we will come and get you at your scheduled time.


What Should We Wear?
*Try to plan and try on your outfits well in advance* 

Of course this is completely up to you! Though if you are looking for some suggestions we do suggest to stay away from very loud, busy patterns as well as too many competing colors.
Choose coordinating colors (but not matchy, matchy) This can end up looking like one very busy pattern in the picture.

Neutral colors with soft, flowing fabrics…. think creams, very soft pastels, oatmeals, light browns, tans, grays, and slate blues are always easy to style. 

*Watch out for the little details that can be distracting in your photos, such as; bra straps showing, lint on black clothes, hair flyaways, red eyes, lipstick on teeth. We do our best to edit some of these little things out but some in some situations that is not always possible. 

*There will be a little bit of walking to our exact spot, so if anyone is wearing heels and not used to them we encourage bringing a pair of flats. 



What Do We Bring? 
First, bring any props you'd like! 

*If you have a baby/toddler, definitely consider bringing a backup outfit. (just incase) 
as well as some snacks, toys, things that keep the kiddos happy : ) 

* A small bag/tote to put any loose items in while you're being photographed. I.E- phone, keys, wallet. 

* It's always a great idea to have a hair brush and a little hairspray with you to tame last minute fly aways, and a few make up essentials for any needed touchups just before the shoot. 

* If you'd like to get some fun sitting/laying shots, bring along a blanket that won't clash with your outfits. 

*Bring wipes for clean faces(Do a last minute check of faces)  The camera catches every detail on close ups)




Preparing Your Child
If children are included in your session make sure they get a good nights sleep the night before or a good nap if your session is later in the day. Also make sure they have been fed at least an hour before the session so they are not hungry and grouchy.
A few days before the session let them know you are doing a photo shoot so it is not a surprise and over whelming to them. One great way to get them excited about the session is to practice some poses together. 

Most importantly be happy and excited! This day is about you and your family. Don’t stress. Relax and have fun! A little bit of goofiness and giggling can make for a great image. Children can sense stress and anxiety. If you're relaxed it will be much easier for them to enjoy the day.

P.S ... Don't surprise dad with this idea at the last minute! 
We definitely know many of the men out there aren't quite as thrilled about a photography session as the women are. However we have found in all our experience that it is much better to let him know why you want to do this shoot and how much it means to you, instead of just trying to drag him along ;) 


Holiday Cards! 
The collection you will purchase comes with the option to add printed holiday cards.  An order of any size features a free, professional holiday card design that features your images.  We will have multiple designs for you to choose from.  

Once your oder is placed we will design, print, and ship your cards right to your door.  Many of our clients find these cards as a "must have" convenience in this stress filled time of the year.  

The cards come in any quantity desired. However, our most popular orders are: 

- 30 cards for $100
- 75 cards for $200
-100 cards for $250

***Order cards the day of your shoot and receive a 10% discount on your purchase!***

We are looking forward to working with you! 

If you have any questions at all, please don't hesitate to let us know : ) 

Conor & Brittany McLandrich
Vienna Rose Photography